Amin Ebrahimi

Clarinetist. Conductor. Composer


Clarinetist Conductor Composer​

Amin Ebrahimi is an Iranian composer born in 1985 in Amol, Iran. He began playing the clarinet in his youth, which led to a career as a professional instrumentalist. He studied art music at the Iran International Music Studies and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Art University of Tehran before joining the Elementary Music Pedagogy Academy in Wiesbaden, where he currently resides. During his education, he became skilled in playing the saxophone, piano, composing, and conducting.


Tehran University of Art

Classical Music Performance


Wiesbadener Musikakademie



Wiesbadener Musikakademie

Music education

Amin Ebrahimi

Clarinetist. Conductor. Composer​

Upcoming Show

Saison verte

Gondishapour Foundation invites you to the exceptional performance of the Habib Sharifi Grant winners, gathered in their diversity and singularity for the conception of a show in homage to the verses of The Green Season. A heterogeneous community of four young artists is tuned to the Persian sensibility and the oriental imagination in a dreamlike blossoming made of musical tale, passionate lied, contentious cinema and elegiac orations, gathered in a common and protean crossing of the uprooting and the lack.

25 / 03